Sunday, July 21, 2013

Farmstead Field Trip

Happy 18 month birthday to Ayden! We traveled three hours to visit a really awesome farm today. We talked and relaxed with the folks who run it, got a tour, used the outhouse, saw a lot of animals and really cozy cabins. They have 150 acres and counting, run a CSA program and are off the grid (they have solar panels for their cabin). It was pretty amazing to see. It was the most magnificent playground for their kids with all of the animals, a creek, woods and pastures to explore. Their oldest was in charge of the ducks and has been since he was 5. He takes care of them and collects their eggs around 6:00 every morning. He sells the eggs at the Nashville farmer's market for $7/dozen and gets to keep all of his earnings. He showed us all of the ducks, caught a duckling for Ayden to see up close and touch then talked to us for a long while about all of the different kinds and all of their names. It was amazing to see such a young kiddo so passionate and knowledgable about something. His mother told us that, "whatever they are drawn to, just say yes. He seems to be drawn to poultry so we got him ducks."  It is obvious that it has taught him so much from the responsibility of caring for them to science of learning so much about their species to money and math with his selling them at the market. Hands on learning at its very best. 

I wonder what Ayden's farm interest will be, or if he'll even have any at all. We can't wait to see everything he becomes passionate about all throughout his life. Right now I'd say it is animals of all kinds. He SERIOUSLY loved the ducks today and kept herding them around, giggling. Perhaps he'll have some to take care of in a few years too. 

What are your kids passionate about at the moment?


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1 comment:

  1. Nancy's been showing interest in sports and outside critters. When we're playing in the yard, she wants a golf club and ball to try to hit it like daddy or she wants to examine a grasshopper, ant, or ladybug.