Wednesday, July 24, 2013

World's Best Chicken Seasoning!

We eat a lot of chicken at our house. We probably have it for dinner 2-3 times a week. It is on the cheap side as far as animal protein goes as well as being a leaner option. We also like to keep what we call "snack chicken" in the fridge. Since we don't eat grains and try not to overload on fruits, nuts and seeds, we like to have our snack chicken as a quick and easy protein option. We have found a chicken seasoning mixture that we love so much that we have to share.

Okay, so I don't know if it's really the WORLD's best, but it's pretty darn good.  Here's the ingredient line up:

Celtic Sea SaltBlack PepperOnion PowderPaprikaGarlic PowderChili Powder
(click on each spice to read about it's nutritional benefits!)
We never measure anything, we just sprinkle as we go. We are always very generous with the Paprika. It gives it a sweet, smokey flavor as well as a warm, appetizing color. You'll also want to keep in mind that some chili powders will add heat so use your better judgement with that one. 

We typically use this mixture on ground chicken thigh (any ground meat is perfect finger food for a toddler! Just don't break it up too small.) or boneless, skinless chicken thighs. To be honest, we've never used this mixture on breast meat so no guarantees there. Breast meat gets a little too dry for our taste and we have to smother it in some sort of sauce and that wouldn't make for very convenient snacking... For the ground chicken, we just brown it in the skillet with some coconut oil (or whatever oil you like) and if we are cooking up the thighs we use our trusty Forman Grill. 

Sometimes we'll use this seasoning on some thighs for dinner and cook them on the grill. While they are grilling, David brushes them with a honey/apple cider vinegar mixture and the result is sweet and spicy and SO finger licking good. We like to pair it with cilantro lime acorn squash. Oh man, my stomach is growling just thinking about it!  The spices in the chicken seasoning and the flavors in the squash mirror each other making the perfect meal. 

Next time you make chicken, I hope you give this seasoning combo a try. You won't regret it.
What's your favorite way to cook chicken?  Any secrets to preventing chicken breasts from dying out??


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  1. We use that same seasoning!! I found the idea from my practical paleo book-she calls it the smoky rub and I've even made a batch of it to give to my in laws :) We are chicken breast people and it makes a nice "crust" on the meat - love it!!

  2. By coincidence, just yesterday I got a box of Bell's Poultry Seasoning via Amazon because I've never been able to find it locally. This is the one Martha Stewart said she "won't have Thanksgiving without." I've been trying to buy it since last November when I heard her say that on a holiday cooking show. Now I shall have to try them both for a taste test!! ~ j

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorite seasoning. It sounds delicious. I'll have to try it. We grill out chicken breast frozen without thawing it. We just brush a little oil on to keep it from stocking and flip it every 5 minutes or so. It takes 20-30 minutes to cook through depending on the size but it keeps the breast meat so surprisingly moist, that it could fool you into thinking it came from a rotisery.
    Do you have a blog post or video on how you meal plan around such a big garden? I always end up having some of my fresh produce go bad because I have a hard time incorporating my garden produce in my meal planing, and my garden is much smaller than yours.

  4. I just have a question and I really hope it doesn't come off as mean because I am really not meaning it to be. How can you run a farm and still eat meat? I would get attached to the type of animal I would not be able to eat it. We do not eat meat any more just for health benefits, but also because when I see an animal I cannot imagine eating the poor thing. lol. Just a curious question (: