Monday, July 22, 2013

We Have A Parrot

Ayden has become a parrot overnight. It was like the 18 month mark flipped a switch in his expressive communication abilities.

Up until yesterday, he had a decent list of words. Some were actual words, others his own version, but he was communicating consistently with this set of words. It is so interesting because his use of that list of words decreased and his babbling jibberish picked up big time. He'd be carrying on full conversations with us, hand gestures and all, and none of it made any sense to us. We only were hearing actual words when he really needed something. Then today while Ayden was taking his bath, out of nowhere, our cat Polly walks in and clear as day he says, "Hi, Kitty!"  He had developed hi into the actual word hi rather than his cute little, "Ha" that he'd been saying with a southern drawl. He had also put the end sounds on hot, hat and help (we are seeing an /h/ theme here...). So up to date, he has strung two words together on just a few occasions. He has said, "Where Daddy" only one time and never again. He has said, "I pee pee" a few times and now "Hi Kitty."  He also says, "No no no" but we don't really count that since it is just the same word over and over again.

Ever since he said hi to Polly so clearly and enthusiastically, I started asking him to say all kinds of things. This is a game that we play often already but we kicked it up a notch today. As of yesterday when we'd play, Ayden would match our tone and the number of syllables but stuck with /b/ and /d/ consonant sounds as if he was attempting a word he didn't know how to say. When we played today he would match tone, syllables and would try to match sounds!  By the end of the day he had repeated teeth (teet), floss (foff), eye, belly button (be be, he used to say tee tee so that's progress), and possibly a few more that I can't remember. 

What a fun jump in development we witnessed today!  

Did your little one have a language burst right at 18 months?  


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1 comment:

  1. I hope we will. We had an overnight change like that from pretty much silence to constant babbling recently! It's so exciting to see the change! He doesn't copy us at all and doesn't differentiate between mama and dada anymore but does "talk" a whole lot more. He's now 15 months and I hope soon he'll start again with the actual sounds of words and then copying!