Saturday, July 27, 2013

Making Stuff Up

What is this world we are in?  Ayden used to be such a light sleeper. If he fell asleep in his carseat we couldn't even turn off the car without waking him, let alone transfer him from carseat to stroller and back or from his carseat to his bed. Now, a year and a half later the time has come where we can stop tip toeing around our sleeping baby. When he sleeps, he sleeps hard. We can transfer him in and out of his carseat and move him to his bed. He may stir a little but settles back in without even nursing. It. is. amazing.

He took two naps today. For the first one he fell asleep on the way to the farmers market and finished his nap in his stroller. 

When he woke, he made sure we were there and then settled in and enjoyed some quiet people watching. 

For his second nap, he fell asleep at home but we had to go to David's parents for a cookout so into the carseat we moved him. 

This really is new territory for us. You always see parents carrying sleeping children in from the car on movies and all this time we thought it was Hollywood making stuff up. Now we know that even a light sleeper can grow into a child who will stay asleep, even when being moved!

Is your baby a light sleeper?  What lengths do you go to to keep him/her asleep?


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  1. With us it depends how long she has been sleeping for on whether she will transfer. If she has just fallen asleep she will wake if we try or if she has been sleeping a while she will also wake so its a matter of that special transitioning time. When she was little she will always wake so I used to drive around in the car for hours till she woke from her nap it was exhausting

  2. My son is a light sleeper! Even when I see older pics of Ayden asleep in your lap I'm amazed! My 15 month old needs a dark room with white noise and if he wakes, needs to nurse back to sleep. Sometimes he'll fall asleep in the car but 1 time in 20 will he transfer. I work in a library and see people carrying their sleeping children and I always wonder how they do that! But my son in general is not a good sleeper