Thursday, July 11, 2013

Impromptu Fun

Today was errand day!  Ayden got himself dressed...

We actually didn't have many errands to run.  Ayden randomly fell asleep on the way to story time. He hasn't taken a nap that early without beig sick in a long time. He's also been sleeping really well at night. Perhaps it's growth spurt related? He transferred from carseat to stroller, no problem. This is a wonderful thing. 

He took another late afternoon nap on the way home which he finished in bed. My mom brought over some of Ayden's toys while we were out running our errands and he was thrilled to wake up and see his swimming pool!  He wanted to fill it immadiaty and kept calling it a bath. 

After a swim and some dinner, we headed over for a visit with my parents. Since he had two naps, he was able to stay up later than usual. 

When we got home, we caught lightning bugs for a little while:

And had another impromptu swim...

Then Ayden eagerly went to bed. Now I'm going to clean up after all the fun we had today and watch another movie. I am so ready to have my sweetie home again!  Ayden is too, he was asking about him all day. 



  1. Aw! Isn't it sweet how much kids love Daddy! My son calls for his dad and says "Mama, I want him." It's so sweet, but also makes me a little jealous!

  2. He gotten so big! It goes by fast.