Friday, July 5, 2013

Gloomy Day

The rain poured on today and my mood matched the gloomy weather. I think my funk was a result of the rain changing all of our 4th festivities and camping plans (for my family reunion), me being over tired since David and I stayed up really late watching movies the past couple of nights (always seems fun at the time), and of course, being all cooped up.

I had a couple of moments I wasn't proud of today where I was rude to David or not as patient as I usually am with Ayden. Lucky for me, my boys love me even when I'm wearing crabby pants.  They both maintained good moods which helped me cheer up. 

There was finally a break in the rain so even though there was plenty to do to prepare for our trip, we put it all on pause and got outside!

Some fresh air and fun was just the ticket!  It cheered me up, gave David and Ayden a chance to run and play.  We even played in mud and water puddles. 

I don't get into funks very often and I am so glad. They are no fun!  I am glad I was able to snap out of it and salvage the rest of my day. Being negative and grumpy is such a waste of valuable time that you'll never get back. Life is too short!  If you feel yourself slumping into a funk, put "business" on hold, get a change of scenery and before you know it you'll be a happier you. At least that is what worked for me today!

What do you do to get out of a funk?


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  1. I was in a funk yesterday due to lack of sleep too. We ended up visiting the library, got some ice cream, and played outside during the evening. It helps for me to get out of the house to change my mood. My mood also perked up when we booked our cabin for the family vacation that is starting on Monday.
    I always try to stay positive, but at times things can just make you feel moody.
    I like Ayden's shoes. They have girl versions that I would like to get Nancy.
    Did your reunion get canceled then?