Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sandy Bottoms

Ways you know your baby is becoming a "big" kid...

They become workout buddies instead of distractions:

push ups!
They join in with their own bowl and spoon when you have fresh watermelon sorbet:

They want to take walks to Naunie and Popow's to see the horses all by them selves.  Then they get very mad at you when you won't let them go...

Sorry, buddy.  You're not quite that big yet...
Oh these days are really starting to fly by and all of the sudden when we look at Ayden we see a kid instead of a baby. 

When did this happen, exactly??
While David worked in the garden this evening, I made a sandbox for Ayden. And by made I mean I weeded the place under the swing set at my parent's house where a sandbox should be, put down some weed fabric, poured in some sand and played!  It was really hard work, haha.

He had a little dip in his little pool too.  
Seriously, if you exclude the times I had to stop to help Ayden climb up and down the ladders a few times, it really took no time at all. One of those things you keep putting off thinking you don't have time, only to find it took all of 20-30 minutes. The fish bowl is another one of those tasks for me. I put it off every time then when I finally get around to it I'm done in 5 minutes flat. Where's that "do it now" mentality?!?  

Is there a super easy chore or task that you tend to put off even though you know it's quick and easy?  What makes us do silly things like that?  

~ Sarah


  1. Look how he's growing. Sounds like he's getting very independent too!

  2. It's refreshing to see Ayden having a tantrum :) I know we don't usually take pics of our kids crying and/ or share them but he always seems to mild! I know my friends must think the same thing about my son from what they see on Facebook. Thanks for showing real life!