Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

We had a heavy, steady rain ALL day today.

Ayden loves looking out the window over our bed in the mornings.
We had a lazy morning, Ayden took a long, late nap and we ended the night with some great friends. No fireworks for us but my family reunion is this weekend so hopefully we'll get to see some then. 

We hope everyone had a dry, safe and fun Independence Day!  How do you celebrate?


Flashback: Ayden's First 4th!

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  1. Happy Independence Day to you! We got together at my sister-in-laws for fireworks. She lives across from a city lake and they put together a nice show each year. Nancy tried to make it, but she fell asleep right before they started going off. :) I hope you have an enjoyable time at your family reunion.