Sunday, July 14, 2013

Full Of Awesome

Today was awesome from start to finish. 

Our new favorite dehydrated snack.
Farmer's Market find: Coosa squash!
(They almost taste buttery!)

Getting crowded and ready for more boxes.
Pointing out drone cells.
We took care of some landlord obligations. David trimmed back the weeds and limbs that were getting in the way around the hives and I added HONEY SUPERS!  

We just may get some honey this season...
A little friend wanted to come home with us.
We talked her out of it.
Pool time!  It was our first time this summer.
Ayden LOVED it!
Scenic drive home.
The clouds were so puffy and beautiful.

Ayden asked for fifths at dinner. David made us spahgetti squash with meat sauce and mixed in all kinds of veggies, fresh herbs and Italian spices. Ayden loved it so much he couldn't get enough. His little belly was about to pop! After such a big day he was more than ready for bed!

How did your Sunday pan out?  Share your awesomeness below!



  1. We went to a corn festival and had a blast. I'm gonna put my blog post on it together in just a few! Besides my husband staying behind (not feeling well) our day was awesome too!

    1. So fun! Hope hubby is feeling better.

  2. It was our first day back home from vacation. We just chilled at home. It was awesome! Nancy also got into the pool for the first time over vacation. I got some great photos.

    1. So great you were able to have a recoup day after being gone. Pool time is so much more fun with a little one!

  3. Great day it sounds! I wish Axle loved the pool. He hates water!

    1. Aww. Ayden has been a water baby since his first bath in the hospital. I used to be able to use a bath to calm him down in the early days when he cried so much. It was great to have an extra tool in the tool box!