Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bee Count Down

My parents left early this morning for a vacation in San Juan so we have the house to ourselves for the week. I'm pretty sure that the fewer people you have around to talk to during the day, the easier it is to get things done. I had such an effortlessly productive day today. Ayden slept *better* last night (better as in, he didn't wake quite as much and when he did, he'd go back to sleep. Never the less, we slept in until 10am which is pretty late for our little man. He must have needed it, and I certainly did too!

We started the day off with an egg scramble filled with spinach, mushrooms, green onion and smoked salmon with a side of green juice. Ayden wasn't a huge fan of the salmon but he ate like a champ. I am taking an increase in appetite as a good sign that he's feeling better too.

After breakfast, my little assistant and I ran a few errands, came home and did some housework and prepped dinner.

When David got home, we ate and then prepared a home for our bee hives!!

Here is the view from their front "patio"

They'll be here in just a few days!! All I have to do now is put out a little bird bath as a nearby water source, make up some simple syrup for feeding them in those first several weeks along with a few other odds and ends. I contacted a mentor that I touched base with at the last bee keeper's association meeting today and he's going to come assist us with hiving the bees. I go pick them up at 12:30pm on Friday and he's planning to come around 5:45 so David can be here for it too. Other than the garden, this is our first step toward homesteading and it is so exciting!!


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  1. Did you ever figure out what the fever was from, I'm up with my 14 month old who also has a fever! Pretty sure this is from teething. My older daughter never had fevers from teething, guess they all are different☺!!