Monday, April 8, 2013

Teething Sucks

David and I had a frame building party last night!

We put Ayden to bed, made some tea, turned Vampire diaries on Netflix and got to work.  We have 4 boxes/40 frames down, 2 boxes/20 frames to go.  "The girls" (all of the bees you get in a package are female worker bees) get here in 18 days. I'll be getting paint for the exterior of the hives on Thursday.  I plan on having some creative fun with our hives and doing something cute like this:

Obviously they would be ombre hive boxes rather than dresser drawers...
[Pictures from Pinterest]
I want to make the hives unique from each other, but I still want them to coordinate.  The pictures above are just inspiration and I can't wait to see how they actually turn out.  The trick will be finding enough toddler free time to make them as awesome as I'd love to.  Where there's a will there's a way, right?

Last night was the worst night we've had in a while with Ayden.  Our "lucky" boy is teething first molars and canines at the same time.  Awesome...

In case anyone is interested in the order of teething events...
According to the average, he is cutting his molars late and his canines early.  This combination makes for a tired family but we always make it through these disturbances.  David woke up to a bunch of Pinterest pins that I emailed him at 4 in the morning while I was up rocking our poor, restless baby.  This is one one of the pins that I sent him and I think they would be good for anyone to keep on their mind.  

I especially like #'s 6 and 7.
#2 is important for us too, since most people think our homesteading venture is pretty weird...
Our day today was pretty low key.  I made a point to spend a good chunk of time straightening up our basement living space.  I put things in their places, changed our sheets, wiped down the bathroom, emptied the trash and ran the vacuum.  All of that only took about an hour and made a huge difference in how it feels to be in the space.  Lucky for me, Ayden was pretty content to keep himself occupied so I could get some work done.  He was following me around with various books.  He would sit down at my feet in whatever room I was in, jabbering away while pointing to the pages.

Ayden helped me make dinner again (which is going to become a new norm) and we ended our evening with a Beekeeper's Association meeting.  We got a couple of contacts for beekeeping mentors and I won a door prize of a stack of some back issues of Bee Culture magazine.  I also found a few beekeeping blogs today so I'll spend the rest of the month learning as much as I can about my girls before they make their big debut!  I know we'll hit some hiccups and bumps along the way but, as with everything I get into, I like to research as much as possible so I can hit the ground running.



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  2. Yuck, poor thing has to be miserable. Teething is always so miserable for them (and us). Hope he feels better soon.