Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sous Chef

Another B-E-A-utiful day in the Bluegrass!
We're letting Maverick run leash free and he's doing great!
Ayden has made some pretty big connections lately. He is really getting the concept of how things have a purpose and how there are general "rules" that we all follow. According to the Wonder Weeks app, this all makes perfect sense because he is currently in the "Principles" leap during which children yearn for and learn rules. This new development is manifesting in many ways. He has become a legit helper. He used to "help" but would make bigger messes in the process or just try to eat everything we had. Now he has observed the purpose of tools, the desired outcomes of tasks, etc, and mimics what he has seen us do. He does this big time in the kitchen.

He kept folding his hands and laying his head down.
So. Stinking. Cute.
He picks up anything he drops and puts it back in the bowl. And I gave him a job tonight which he loved! I would cut the stems off the Brussels sprouts and he'd put them in the garbage bowl.  Here is a clip of his cooking cuteness.

Ayden seems VERY aware of his surroundings these days. I have him on a chair (with arms) next to me at the kitchen island and he leans to put his tummy against it for support. If he takes his tummy off, his hands are holding the edge. He is very aware that he is up high and needs to be cautious.

He also wanted to help David build some hive frames today.

We are seeing signs of this development when he wants us to read a different book than the one we are currently reading to him as well. He'll take the one we're reading and put it back in his book basket and then bring us the one we want to read. He is nodding for yes and shaking his head no consistently and in context, which seems to have developed at the same time so the principles leap and the ability to answer yes and no questions must to hand in hand.

It is amazing how much is clicking for him these days. He is becoming a bigger boy everyday!


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