Saturday, April 20, 2013

King Of the Dance Floor

It was wedding day!!! The farm was beautiful and so was the bride! We had a busy day helping with all of the finishing touches and I had a lot of fun being a part of someone's special day. The bride used to dance with me at my mom's dance studio and I enjoyed seeing her all dolled up in her gown and veil.

I finished the signs and made some "reserved" cards for the family tables.

David was on Ayden duty for most of the morning so I got a shower and even curled my hair! It was a chilly day. The kind where you are fine in the sun but freeze half to death in the shade. The sun was shining though, so no one was complaining too much...

When it was time for the service, Ayden asked to nurse and went right to sleep. He slept through the whole thing, woke up when we were leaving our seats at the ceremony site and was ready to party.

Haha, sporting some dress socks under his sandals to keep warm!
He was dubbed king of the dance floor:

We always have a lot of fun at wedding receptions! As fun as it was to help my mom put it all together, we are glad it is over and we can get back into our normal routine.

Everyone was still partying the night away as we left to go to bed.

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