Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Official Farm Boy

We had an unexpected visit to the vet today. Maverick's left ear has been tender the past week or so and when I checked it today it was fiery red with obvious signs of infection. I called and got him in at 11 am. We got checked in and settled in the exam room and then I took a close look at Ayden. He had blueberry stains on his hands and was wearing play clothes from the farm and overall looked like a little ragamuffin.

Haha, I guess that is what being a farm boy is all about. At least WE know he cleans up nicely. :)

Ayden had fun "leading" Maverick around in the tiny exam room and $136 later, we finally headed home with medicine to treat the bacterial infection in Maverick's ear.

It was another beautiful day and my usual positive self was back to enjoy it.


Click here if you want to see yesterday's post now that we have the internet back and the pictues are placed properly.  There are a couple of video clips too!!

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  1. Glad your feeling better!
    Hope Maverick's ear gets well soon.