Friday, April 19, 2013

Toad Encounter

Ayden loves this toy! It kept him busy while I got ready today.
My parents are hosting a wedding on their property tomorrow so today was busy while we helped prepare some of the details. One of my jobs was to paint some road signs on reclaimed wood from one of the farm barns.

I knew Ayden would have to stay nice and occupied in order for me to work so I set him up in the play yard with some toys he's never seen before and a tub full of sand. While we were both doing our thing I noticed a toad hopping by.

Ayden was very interested in the toad and wanted to touch it.

As soon as he touched it he recoiled and took a couple of steps back, shaking his head. He did the same thing with a wooly worm that we found last week. I suppose when you are used to playing with plastic animals and insects, the real textures and temperatures can take you by surprise.

We watched Mr. Toad hop along the sidewalk and under the porch. Ayden got a big kick out of that. Ayden's little pen worked long enough for me to get one sign done before he was cold and ready to go inside and for a change of scenery and warmth. I'll include pictures of the other two signs in tomorrow's post.
Such a cute little helper.
Ayden took his nap early today so it actually ended up being a two nap day. His second nap was at around 5:30 so needless to say, he was up until 10 tonight. His bed time just seems to get later and later these days...

The groom and his men are getting ready in our basement so we had to store a lot of our stuff in the storage room and in our bedroom so that they have enough space to get ready and play a game of pool or two if they so choose.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold for April but at least there's no rain in the forecast. It's going to be a beautiful wedding!


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