Monday, April 22, 2013

Screams In The Night

The past few nights have been rough for Ayden (and therefore us too). In the middle of the night on Thursday, I could tell he had a fever. I even said it out loud to David. But it was gone by morning and he was acting like his normal, happy, energetic self.

So normal in fact, that it made me question whether or not he actually did have a fever. Friday night, the same happened (101* F) but he was fever free and fine by morning. I asked my sister if that ever happened with either of her kids and she said it had a couple of times when they were teething. Ayden still hasn't cut his molars so I assumed that must have been the source of the mystery mini fevers. Then, Saturday night, he had one inconsolable screaming episode. And then there was last night... It may very well have topped the chart as worst. night. ever. We were up with Ayden 3 or 4 times while he screamed inconsolably and thrashed about for hours at a time. It was obvious he was in some sort of pain but we could't imagine teething could cause this much discomfort for him. We decided it must be his ears and made plans to call his doctor first thing in the morning. When morning finally rolled around, he woke up his happy, energetic, normal self. It has been strange behavior to say the least. I gave him some infection fighting supplements throughout the day today and put in a call to his pediatrician just in case but we thought surely, if it was in fact an infection, he'd continue to have symptoms during the day as well.

David was telling a coworker about everything and she said her daughter's ear infection symptoms were EXACTLY like we were describing. No fever, ear pulling or complaining during the day and then a night of screaming. We plan to prop him up tonight so any fluid he might might have in his ears won't build up and increase pressure. If he spikes a fever again or has any screaming episodes tonight, we'll be making an appointment for our first non well baby visit to the doctor so we can get some sort of diagnosis for what is going on.

First cookout of the season!
Wish us luck for having a better night and we'll keep you posted!


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  1. My son's first ear infection caused the same sort of screaming. I was also baffled as there were no evident signs of discomfort during waking hours, but horrific screaming at night. It is from lying down and the increase in pressure. Good luck and I hope Ayden feels better soon!