Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Sunshine

It got up to the 60's!! Ayden took a super early nap today.  When he woke up we had lunch and were out the door. We went to the park I played in as a child.

Ayden has gotten so much more fun since the last time we played at the park.  He doesn't put everything in his mouth and has gotten really sturdy on his feet.  He can climb stairs easily and even some ladders.  He can slide by himself and loves to swing.  It was all around a great time!  I even got a short jog in on the path surrounding the park.

We spent the evening outside too!

New baby grass!
Ayden feeding Archie a carrot :)
Helping Daddy!
Warmth, sunshine and longer days can make you feel so good!

Was it warm wherever you are today?  What fun did you have to celebrate?


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