Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals!

Morning walk!
Sooo..... I have kind of dropped the ball on the monthly goal resolution that I made this year.  February was spent getting settled and March was spent finding a new groove and now I am ready to get back on the wagon!  Let's revisit January's goals:
- Write blog posts during the day (already having a hard time with this one since it's 10:15 and I'm still writing this post...  Old habits die hard I suppose. 

Overall, I did better with this.  On the days that I didn't get it written early I at least made them short so that it didn't take away from David's and my evening together.
- Exercise 3x per week. I want to do this because it will make me feel good!
This has been hit or miss but exercise is definitely back on my radar.  I'll call it a successful work in progress...
- Use my new sewing machine for a Pinterest project.
Haven't even plugged it in...
- Enter a photo that I took into a contest of some sort just for fun.

- Start using cash envelopes for our grocery and household budget categories.

March was our first month with this.  We aren't using actual cash envelopes but rather the App "EBAA" and it is working wonderfully!  If you are wanting to give cash envelopes a try but don't actually want to carry lots of cash around, this App is for you.
- Ayden's birthday party! We need to send out the invitations ASAP. 
His party was a great success!!
- Get Ayden to bed as close to 8 as possible so David and I have more down time together.
We did get better with this during the month of March, but now we are trying out an experiment where we keep him up a bit later and all go to bed at the same time.  We've been doing it for two nights and so far he is sleeping better.  Perhaps I will dedicate a post to this experiment...
- Start daily *intentional* activities and projects with Ayden (finger painting, ramps/balls, sensory tub, etc.
Now that we are settled, I have officially started doing this and he loves them!

- Pack up Christmas decorations and get house back to "normal"

Not only did we pack up Christmas, but we packed up and moved our entire house!
- Go through and organize 12 month hand me downs from my sister/re-organize Ayden's closet.
Not applicable due to the move
- Organize garage so we can both park in it again. 
Not applicable due to the move

Okay, now it is time for new goals!
- Continue to work out at least 3X per week.
-Enter a picture I have taken in a photo contest
- Stay "on task" and work efficiently during the day. 
- Do something with home videos and photos! (AKA, better data management!)

- Get bee hives built, painted and bees moved in!
- April Veggies planted
- Go camping
- Go to Kite Fest
- Sandbox for Ayden

- Get a new/updated filing system in place
- Vacuum car
- Keep up with laundry (one load of clothing laundry everyday, diapers every other day)

Okay, I think that should keep us busy!  April is my favorite month. Everything warms up and David and I both celebrate our birthdays at the end.  Let's all make it a great month!!
Our sous chef is growing up so fast!


  1. You inspired me to set monthly goals, however after having my baby I forgot to reflect and reset for April. Thanks again for keeping me in line! And good job keeping on top of it yourself. You've had a busy start to this year and yet you're still on your game!

  2. Hi Sarah, Do you mind sharing your bathroom cleaning routine? I've been following your blog for a while and I think you have mentioned allowing Ayden play there while you get ready. I am nervous about letting my little one free in the bathroom as I feel I would have to clean it everyday to keep her away from nasties. What do you suggest? Thank you!