Monday, April 1, 2013

Warm Weather Fever

Today was pretty rough overall. I had a terrible headache last night (David actually posted yesterday's Easter slide show for me) so I went to bed with Ayden at around 9:00. We slept pretty well and Ayden and I were in bed for 12 hours total. We had wake ups but I got enough sleep to wake up headache free and I felt more rested than I have in a loooong time. I thought the day might be great since it was off to a great start but Ayden had different plans.

A few days ago he started to have a runny nose and last night he had a couple of coughing fits. These symptoms continued throughout the day today and I think he just felt crumby. If he wasn't in my lap reading books he was following me around crying so hard he had snot and tears streaming down his face. Now that he has learned the word, "please" he uses it ALL the time. It is so darn cute that it is hard to resist. He literally begged for a bath this morning and got it since there wasn't really a reason not to give him one.

And anytime I wasn't already reading to him he was following behind me, favorite book in hand, saying, "Teeese?? Teeeese??" Part of me wanted to say, "All the housework can wait" so we could just snuggle up and read books all day but the reality was: we were out of clean clothes because I was behind on clothing laundry (thanks to our lingering ammonia diaper problem) and our whirlwind of a weekend left the basement looking like a bomb went off and we just don't feel content living like that. I finally strapped him to my back and got a few things done.  In hindsight, I always wonder why I don't think to do that sooner...

We are SOOO ready for warm weather. The Spring sunshine can be so deceiving. You look outside and see the bright sun shining and hear the birds chirping. Then, as soon as you step outside, you realize there is a cold breeze and you are totally underdressed. I am tired of having to bundle Ayden up and he is tired of it too. He asked to go outside this morning and then was so upset during the whole preparation process. He was just in his diaper after his bath when he asked and I was still in my PJs and toddlers just cannot understand why you can't do what the want right when they want to do them.

Anyway, we made it through the day but it is safe to say that we all has a pretty intense case of warm weather fever. When it is finally here to stay, I hope it brings with it a healthier baby and I know it will make getting (and staying) outside more enjoyable; which will make for a very happy Ayden.

How do you keep Spring/warm weather fever at bay? I tend to always be super ready for the season change when it comes. You'll see, come August I'll be complaining about the heat and looking forward to snow!


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