Monday, June 16, 2014

Jump Into Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, best friend and one of the best dads I know!

Before we had Ayden, I knew David would make an amazing dad but I had no idea just how  great he'd be or how much more I'd love him for it. He is such a patient, kind, playful, encouraging, sentimental father and I can see how much Ayden adores him every time they are together. The way Ayden lights up when David gets home from work or when we wake up on the weekends to find him still in bed with us shows that Ayden is David's biggest fan. 

I am so proud of David for being the dad he has always wanted to be each and every day. I know that Ayden will someday reflect on his relationship with his daddy and he will be so proud of him too. 

To celebrate Father's Day, Ayden practiced his jumping all day! He's not catching any air yet, but watching him try is just about the cutest thing ever. We know he'll be jumping high in no time!


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  1. You are all very blessed! Happy fathers day to David. :)