Friday, June 27, 2014

Dog Park Day

Maverick had an appointment for his bordetella vaccine at 10:45 this morning (we'll be boarding him next weekend and he was overdue) so we got out of the house a little early and took him to the dog park!

The dirty pool was his fave.
He really enjoyed the socialization and Ayden was mesmerized by all of the dogs running around.  Come to find out, there is a group of folks who meet from 8-10 every morning.  A doggy play group of sorts.  They spend the first hour walking around the rest of the park and the last hour in the dog park.  One of the other moms from our Monday kid play group wants to start bringing her dogs to the dog park too so we might try to make it every Friday morning until Logan comes. I don't plan on becoming an official member of the dog play group but it is nice to know that there will consistently be other dogs for Mav to play with and nice folks to talk to.  Our dog park has two sides so we will probably take our little ones and dogs over to the empty side since the play group dogs were VERY excited to see Ayden. He was perfectly content to hang out on top of the picnic table the whole time so all of the excited big dogs couldn't knock him down.  It gave him the perfect view.

I stuck a stew hen in the crock pot overnight so Ayden and I would have meat and stock to make this deliciousness today!  

Chicken Veggie Soup!
Perfect for a day in the upper 80's! Ha.
I froze half for post baby freezer meal #5!
Here is Ayden's version of helping me chop the carrots...

What's up, doc?

After dinner, David's mom came out to the building site to play with Ayden so I was able to water our orchard and observe my bees a little without a "helper" who actually likes to water anything but the trees and is a little too brave around the beehives.  He had a blast with her as always and I enjoyed being able to relax a little on our property.  The place is far from kid safe and when I'm over there on Ayden duty it definitely feels more stressful than enjoyable most of the time.  Ayden wore his tool belt and filled it with golf tees (which he calls nails).  He likes to hammer the golf tees into the dirt "mountain" and always loves a chance to be just like his daddy.

Since I made dinner earlier in the day I was able to get the kitchen *mostly* cleaned up before dinner.  I'm a tired mama and once I got Ayden to bed I sat down and haven't moved since.  We'll just say that I'm taking the night off.  Hey, it's Friday night.  Gotta live it up, right? Haha.

How are you spending your Friday night?


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  1. Ha! After bedtime I ways plunk myself down to do a whole lotta nothing! At least you have an excuse, being pregnant and what not!

    1. I think every parent should sit down and do a whole lotta nothing after bedtime! Nesting has turned me into a monster... I can't seem to sit down.