Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Swarm!

Ayden and I were visiting with my parents when I got a call from David over on our property.  He said, "Sarah, you need to get over here."  All kinds of worries went through my mind since the last I had seen him and his Dad working, they were walking across ceiling joists.  I asked what was wrong and he said, "Nothing's wrong but you're going to want to come because we've got some bees swarming."

Swarmming is a good thing.  It is a sign of a strong, busy hive.  We just were not expecting it from one of ours this season...

They started to settle in two different places.
Unfortunately the queen was in the higher cluster.

My parents came out with Ayden since I left him with them when I came to see and David's mom came to watch too.  My mentor came to help us again and the guys all took turns sawing through the big branch to free the bees!

David's turn!
It finally came down and was even bigger than we realized.

Almost as tall as me!

About 20,000 bees in my hand.
David and our dads got right to work on weed eating and preparing a spot for the new hive.  They put down weed cloth and mulch, went to the barns for some cement blocks and got me all set up.  I suited up and David and I transferred the bees from the box we originally put them in to their new home.

And then there were four.
We were not planning on adding a fourth hive this season.  We had said we were going to give away the next swarm we were called to collect but since these bees were from one of our hives and it was so big, we just couldn't let them go!  My mentor lent us the equipment pictured above and we're going on Monday to buy another hive and more supers for the other three hives.

My mom channeled her own grandmother and headed home a little early and got dinner going for everyone.  Once everything was settled, we got to go for a swim and then we all sat down for a meal together.  It was the perfect way to end the evening!  Ayden didn't get to bed until 9:30 but he did great up until he fell asleep.  This is what Summer is all about!

Have you had any unexpected excitement pop up in your life recently?  


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  1. I'm so amazed at you holding that branch full of bees!!! Seems so terrifying to me.

  2. It seems like Mother Nature is paying you back for taking your hives last time. Amazing! Hope they provide lots of honey for you!