Thursday, June 19, 2014

30 Week Midwife Appointment

We had our typical Thursday morning spent at the library.  They made edible finger paint with pudding as the art activity and Ayden, who has only ever finger painted with non-edible finger paints, was looking at the kids across from him like he was thinking, "Pssst, you aren't supposed to eat the paint..."  It was pretty funny.  

Ayden was sitting at my feet while I prepped dinner.
He kept saying, "I'm in here!"
I guess my belly was the ceiling of his fort?

This afternoon we had our 30 week midwife appointment.  Everything looked great.  I have only gained 1 pound since our last appointment (making it 21 pounds total so far) but my fundal height was measuring right at 30cm so Logan is growing right on track!  She took blood to test my hemoglobin and said it was at a 12 and that she wished all moms had that result so I took that as good news too.  My blood pressure was good and my urine tested out okay too.  My pH was off during my last couple of visits but I've been taking a new probiotic that seems to be helping because it's almost back to normal.  I am definitely feeling pregnant now and having very typical third trimester symptoms: feeling like I can't catch my breath if I lay on my right side or my back, having to pee more, occasional indigestion, only being able to eat a few bites even after feeling like I was starving, leg cramps, sore hips after laying in one position for too long, etc.  Even so, I am loving every moment and all of the movement that I feel all day long.  His movements have gone from jabby to rolly which are my favorite kind.  I can look down at my belly and it's like he's doing the wave in there.  Or he'll push out a knee or a heel and make my belly all lopsided.  He gets the hiccups probably about 3 times a day which are pretty adorable too.  There were 3 people in my Facebook feed who shared pictures of their newborns this week.  Seeing their squishy little faces and reading their stats has gotten me even more excited.  My midwife has one more birth in front of me in July and then will be expecting mine next which sounded crazy to me when she said it.  Only 10 weeks to go.  Now we'll be seeing our midwife every two weeks.

David and his dad got rained out today but they were able to get two more walls up before having to call it a night.  Here are the progress photos from the work they did yesterday and today:

From the kitchen

Looking down the hall.
Bathroom and master bedroom on the right,
laundry room and kid's bedroom on the left.
Back to back closets straight ahead.

From the living room.
Coat closet opening on the right and hallway behind the stair cutout.

Also from the living room,
looking into the kitchen.
It is all so much more exciting now that the walls are up!  I am so proud of them.


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  1. How exciting!! How many square footage is your new home going to be? The acres of land looks huge and so green. Glad you are at 30weeks. UT will fly from there. I too ate Paleo during my pregnancy and only gained 7 pounds total.with the baby weight, water and uterus weight it was only about total of 18 pounds. You are doing great!!!

    1. Thank you! It's going to be between 2,100 and 2,200 sq. ft.

    2. 900 of those are an unfinished basement but we do plan to maximize the use that space so I think it counts.

  2. Glad the appointment went well :)