Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking GQ

We had a long day today.  We were at our recital venue from 11:30 to 10:00.  Nap time when smoother than I had anticipated though.  I waited until about 2:00 which is when he starts to turn into a pumpkin.  I knew that he'd be easier to get to sleep that way and since we were in a new place he was hanging in there pretty well.  The weather was pretty amazing today.  It was overcast with a perfect breeze.  If someone had put me in a stroller and pushed me around the block a few times I'm pretty sure I would have been out too...

I did the same thing for my niece and we parked them side by side while they napped.  A few people got a kick out of that...

I also got to purchase a few of Ayden's pre-dance performance photos.  He looked so GQ and we couldn't have posed him better if we tried. 

He was actually refusing to do the poses we were asking him to and crossed his arms.  Then he slowly relaxed and we got him to smile and this is the kind of thing we ended up with.  

David and his crew got the back wall of our house raised tonight!

Here you can see the framing of the side door and windows.

Only one more day of crazy and then things get even more relaxed than normal.  We are looking forward it!!


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  1. That picture is absolutely precious! He looks like a child model :)
    Walls coming up, such great progress
    Hope you all get some downtime soon. I know how tiring hectic days can be.

    1. Thank you! He was cracking us up. Things have slowed down SOOO much now (as far as extra obligations are concerned) and we are really enjoying it.

  2. We just got married here and it was amazing! It was gorgeous, the size of the location holds a pretty large group of people, but still brings a very intimate atmosphere.