Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wild Goose Chase

Today, Ayden as I went on a wild goose chase. Our quest was to find picture frames to be used as recital gifts for the competitive dancers in the dance studio. We were supposed to find 11 4x6 frames, 18 5x7 frames and 6 double 5x7 frames. We got lucky at Hobby Lobby because 1) they had their frames on sale for 50% off and 2) they had really cheap single photo frames in really fun colors.

Our wild goose chase began with the double frames. We checked Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart with no luck. 

We found fish, though!
Finally, I called Michael's to see if they had them before heading over there and hit the jackpot. They had three styles to choose from. Their frames were a little bit more expensive than the previous places but they we're having a 25% off sale on entire frame purchases so we saved there too!

I got to leotard rehearsal an hour later than I wanted but I showed up with frame loaded mommy hooks and the rest of the night was filled with fun and dancing!

Cousin farm animal fun!
Ayden stayed with me all night tonight, David will come get him tomorrow when he gets off work, then they'll hang out with me at the venue all night on show night. Things like his definitely get mor ecomplicated when you throw a toddler in the mix!  Two more days then we can focus on making this little cottage our home.  I am havig fun but also counting down!


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