Monday, June 3, 2013

A Picture Says It All

Ayden and I spent a big chunk of our day doing some deep cleaning at our little cottage. The house was never cleaned after the last tenants moved out back in February. All I know is that they weren't into deep cleaning and they had a grey, long haired cat.  We have decided to clean one room at a time from top to bottom and inside out in order of priority. The first room we tackled was the kitchen. We cook almost every meal so it was important to us that it be sparkly clean so we can have it functioning from the get go, sans grey cat hair...  Next up on my agenda is the bathroom, then the master bedroom. David vacuumed the whole downstairs yesterday and plans to mop it all tomorrow. We got our lease and keys today. We will review and sign the lease tonight, and I will meet up with the landlord tomorrow to turn it in. It all feels very surreal and like it is happening so fast yet it also feels like Saturday (our big moving day) will never come.

Ayden has made himself at home. He's been enjoying the empty space for practicing his running and "helped" me wipe down the cabinets and such today. 

Sparkly clean!
He's had a few new developments recently!  His babbling has taken on a very complex combination of syllables. It truly sounds like he is speaking fluently in some other language. He does this babbling all. the. time. When we are playing together, when he is playing by himself, when he is "reading" his books. Another fun new thing is how he is really getting into looking at the details in pictures. He'll look closely at family photos and will point and say hi to each and every person in it. He saw a picture of his Grandma a couple of days ago and got SOO excited!  He has even tried to pinch people out of pictures. It is so interesting to think of printed photographs through the eyes of someone who doesn't have an understanding of what they are. Ayden must feel like he is in Harry Potter or something.  It has got to be confusing!  We were reading a book before bed tonight and some monsters had made a mess all over the floor. He sat there pointing at all of the stuff everywhere saying, "Oh oh oh!" He totally gets that they were doing something they were not supposed to. He is also initiating affection a lot which I absolutely LOVE!!  

I have some make up dance classes to teach tomorrow and then it's back for more cleaning at the cottage. Once we get the bathroom out of the way the rest should go quickly. I am actually really enjoying it. Putting some time into preparing it for our little family is already making it feel like home!


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  1. Congrats on finding the perfect place. My husband and I find if we make a general plan and then go with the flow things just fall into place. Sounds like that's waft lead you to the cottage! So happy for you and your family!