Friday, June 14, 2013

So Much More...

Dress rehearsal went very smoothly today and I had a blast putting on my stage makeup and performing just like I did in the good ol' days!  

There was a scare toward the end of the rehearsal when one of the older, competitive dancers hurt the knee she had surgery on earlier this year. After a little time passed, she was feeling better and it luckily doesn't seem to be as bad as everyone thought. As of right now, she still wants to dance tomorrow. In moments like those, you can really tell how close knit these girls are as a group, my sister included. For most of the dancers I know, dance offers so much more than just a hobby/sport in their lives.  You spend a lot of time together and grow up together. You really are more like sisters than just dance mates or even friends.

Today was very different for Ayden as far as his interest in what was happening on stage.  Yesterday (leotard rehearsal) just had work lights on the stage and nothing special.  Tonight the rehearsal had full stage lights, costumes, props.  It had the whole shebang and Ayden was mesmerized.  He sat in my lap in one of the wings and actually watched some of the show.  He eventually started trying to run out on the stage so we moved backstage to avoid a little dance bomber.  

I can tell I am not the spring chick that I used to be.  I used to be in so many numbers when I was younger.  Now I'm only in one and my body aches!   It is all so fun and totally worth it though!  I just  need a little Yoga in my life and these tight muscles will be happy again!

My plan for the evening is to get everything unpacked and repacked (snacks, makeup, diaperbag, etc.) for tomorrow, get tomorrow's lunch in the crock pot and get some much needed rest. We've got a show to put on tomorrow night!


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