Thursday, June 20, 2013

Conquer the Bugs!

It was another 3 nap sick day for our little one.

His temperature was low grade when he woke up this morning so I decided we should skip storytime just in case it was more than teething. After his first nap of the day, his temp lowered and he was acting like his playful self so we ventured out to the grocery since the fridge was empty as well as taking care of a couple of other errands.  As the day wore on, Ayden was a champ but I could tell just by looking at him that his temp was on the rise again. He slept all the way home and when I checked his temp when we got here it was back up. It must be a virus or something because there are no other symptoms other than the fever, which has been above 102* since we've been home. He is still playful and has an appetite so we aren't too worried. We do have the Motrin ready for when/if we need it and we have been giving him immune boosting supplements. 

Parked on the couch with a basket of books
= Ayden's sick day agenda. 
It is so hard to see your baby sick and to feel the heat of a fever radiating off of their sweet skin but I keep reminding myself, every bug he is exposed to will help him build an arsenal of immunities. His body is healthy and strong and it is doing just what it is supposed to to conquer and win!  

I do not plan on leaving the cottage tomorrow (or getting out of my PJs for that matter) and am so looking forward to a stay home day!  I am going to work on getting my bathroom and the linen closet organized as well as doing food/snack prep for next week (kale chips, cereal, etc)!

What do your kids like to do when they are home sick?


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1 comment:

  1. My kids enjoy recorded books when they dont feel well. They can listen,and rest their eyes. Feel well soon, little one! :)