Thursday, June 27, 2013


We had a fun playdate today. A few girls I went to high school with came to story time then we spent a long time feeding the ducks, playing and talking outside of the book store. It was fun for us all and we plan on making it a regular thing all summer.

Ayden got so tuckered out that he was asleep before we left the parking lot.

He stayed that way for our first couple of errands. 

Totally zonked!
Once he woke up, I made a return at Michaels and then we went into the neighboring pet store. Ayden's favorite "exhibit" was the tall cage of playful kittens. We watched them play for a while then worked our way around to see the rest of the animals. Behind the bird cages were shelves of canned cat food. Ayden got so excited, grabbed a couple, then lead me all the way back across the store so we could feed those kittens. 

Ayden has totally caught on to our routines lately and loves helping out. His favorite job just so happens to be to help feed the pets. He knows where we keep everything and has even picked up the order in which we do each step. David gave him a chance to feed Maverick all by himself the passed couple of nights and he did every step: open the closet door, open the food bin, scoop food into the cup, close the bin, walk to Mav's crate,  poor the food (he needs a little help aiming), go back to the closet; and this is where he'd prefer to repeat all of the above over and over instead of putting the cup back and closing the bin and closet door, haha. 

I just thought it was so funny that he saw the cat food and decided that all of those kittens needed to be fed, just like our cat, Polly. It is also pretty cool that he has paid so close attention that he has memorized the steps of our pet feeding routines. What a responsible little pet owner already. 

It was a long day and we are glad to be winding down for he night. Tomorrow, I plan on tackling the upstairs of the cottage. Hopefully we will have organized office and play rooms for the weekend!


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  1. Ayden is adorable. That was so sweet for him of thinking to feed the kittens. Nancy loves pointing out the ducks, dogs, and birds she sees at the park. We tried to give her the opportunity to feed the ducks, but she thought the food was for her. That's when "don't eat" came into play (of course). My husband says he will let her pick out a dog on her 3rd birthday. We'll see.