Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping Up

Today was another low key day (I can really get used to these!!). We brought some more stuff over to the cottage from my parents house so I worked on unpacking all of that and we did lots of playing.

Singing "Row row row,,," over and over again.

Ayden is in bed so David and I are going to have our Yoga date then I'm going to make our grocery list.

My meal planning has changed now that we are getting so much produce from the garden. Instead of finding recipes we want and buying specifically for them, we have to look at what we have in the fridge or what we'll be getting from our weekly harvest and creating or finding recipes that build around them. 

This is what I'm working with this week.
It is a welcomed challenge and we've had pretty good luck so far. There's still room for improvement because it is hard to keep up with a garden once it starts producing. I have a feeling David will be taking lots of tomatoes to work once they start coming on. Even with canning and preserving I can imagine all those tomato plants will be beasts to keep up with!  If you ask me, that is a wonderful problem to have.

Do you do any canning or preserving tomatoes?  What are your favorite methods and recipes?  We have a lot to learn in the next month or so!



  1. Oh, make slow-roasted/dried tomatoes in your oven! (Or don't you have a dehydrator?). I do mine in the oven, and I can't tell the difference from expensive sun-dried tomatoes. Just slice and top with olive oil, sea salt, and some herbs, and put them in a low oven for several hours. I leave mine in the oven overnight after I turn it off. Pure deliciousness!!

  2. Menu idea: fish tacos could use the radishes, tomatoes, and onions as toppers. If you don't eat tortillas, maybe use lettuce wrappers in place of them? We love fish tacos on hot summer nights!

  3. I was wondering if you would share what your menu plan is using the veggies listed?