Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Kick Off!!

Last night we went to our county fair!

Prettiest ferris wheel I've seen at a fair!

HUGE draft horses!

They are no joke...
Pony ride rejection.  He likes to look at them but has no interest in riding them.
He did pet some goats, though.  Getting closer...
Today, we got up early end spent the day outside!

Keeping cool.

Snacking on fresh snap peas right out of the garden.
This kid will always know where food really comes from!

A naked nap in the shade with sounds of birds chirping and a breeze.
Not gonna lie... I kinda wanted to join him.

Bee hive check. The girls are working hard and doing well!
Those jackets and veils get HOT!
We hope all of you had a great weekend too!!  Let the summer fun begin!


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