Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I ninja kicked a big to do list today including a trip to the Pediatritian for a vaccination.

Happy as could be before said vaccination.
20lbs (8th %ile) and 31" (24th %ile)
When we got home we took a little time outside so Ayden could have some free play then I warmed up some leftovers for dinner. We wanted a quick dinner because we had decided to move our bed and essentials over to the cottage! We took Ayden to play with David's parents and knocked it out!  We still have plenty to bring over but it's a start. As I filled the empty fridge with our food and started a load of diaper laundry in my good ol' washer I felt at home. 

A couple of weeks ago we noticed some sparkling cider at my parents' house that was leftover from New Years so we snagged a bottle and called it champagne to celebrate. 

Glasses are from our luau themed rehearsal dinner.  Haha
Reunited with our own comfy couch!!
We have gotten everything we need for a smooth morning organized and the rest will come with time. As I lay here nursing Ayden, I can hear crickets outside. Ahhh, the sounds of my childhood.


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  1. Glad today went well, definitely a reason to celebrate!