Thursday, June 6, 2013


It is recital season for our family dance studio and every year any alumni who are in town come back for a fun performance. I had a rehearsal for that last night and came home to an already fed and sleeping baby. My hubby is a great husband and even better daddy!  We are getting so much food from the garden now and it is so amazing that he has grown it all for us. Every time we prepare a meal together and sit down to eat it we are in awe of the whole process. He is providing for us in so many ways and it makes us all feel good.

Along with being my errand buddy today, Ayden spent the day teething like a maniac!

He cut his first 8 teeth right at the average time and in the average order. Then we had a huge gap in teething. Every now and then he'd get fussy and we'd see signs of pressure where his molars should come through and then he'd get a break from it again without them ever cutting to the surface. Then, unexpectedly, we saw a canine. After another break, he cut a couple more canines while we were in DC. Now it seems his teeth are making up for lost time because he cut his last canine yesterday and is working on 3 molars today!  One of them is even pushing a chunk of gum out and it is hanging by a thread. Holy cow teething is really no joke!!  

All that considered he has handled it all pretty well.

He has been wearing his teething necklace for months (only taking it off for baths), has been gnawing on his little fingers and we have plenty of Camilla at the ready. Then, right after dinner tonight, he lost it. And boy did it escalate when we brushed his teeth (that's when I noticed just how many teeth broke the surface today. 

Poor little guy!  I hope he gets another break after this round because it sure has been a doozy for him!

How do you comfort your babies through teething?  Did  any of them cut teeth out of "order?"


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  1. Hi Sarah! My son went through a similar pattern of teething getting a few at a time and having those uncomfortable moments between sprouting teeth.

    We used clove oil to numb the gums. I'm sure you've heard of this already so I'm just mentioning it to let you know that we actually had success with it.

    My son even got excited to see us bring it out when he was having a particularly difficult teething day.

    You have to dilute the clove oil quite a bit (most use olive oil for that) and I've heard of folks adding sugar to help with taste (I bet honey would be great).

    I didn't add sugar as my son handled it fairly well without it. He didn't seem to love the taste, but was so relieved of the pain that I don't think it mattered! LOL

    I hope you'll try it. You give us so many good tips, I'd love to help you and your family out!

  2. Oh my gosh! How did I miss this comment? I will definitely be giving this a try, thanks!! :)