Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moving Forward

Ayden had a low grade fever all day today (still working on cutting his evil molars) so we had a pretty low key day. He took three naps and we just cuddled and read lots of books for most of the day. 


We had a meeting scheduled with a contractor/builder that David used to work for in college tonight and David ended up going by himself since we didn't want to take Ayden anywhere while he has this fever.  The meeting went well and David returned feeling optimistic about moving forward with the build. We have a lot of decision making to do so we get an accurate material cost estimate and apply for our construction loan. It feels pretty crazy to be thinking about going into any kind of debt after working so hard and sacrificing so much to become debt free. We are just in a situation where we'll be wasting money either way (renting for years while we save or paying interest on a mortgage) and we have decided that we'd rather "waste" the money while paying on and living in our forever home. We are also going to continue following Dave Ramsey's baby steps, so we'll pay off the debt as aggressively and quickly as possible. I think only moving one more time (ever!) and already being able to begin to make memories in a permanent place will be worth anything we'll pay in interest! 

Hopefully Ayden will be feeling better by morning. Tomorrow is errand day but I don't really have many errands planned. That means I just may get home in time to get all the groceries put away and dinner done before David gets home. That's always my goal on Thursdays but then we usually end up getting home at the same time, throw the cold stuff in the fridge and bust out the rotisserie chicken I ended up buying at the last minute once I realized how late it had gotten. Haha. 

Now that things are starting to settle down on the cottage front, I hope to start bringing more interesting posts your way soon!


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