Saturday, June 8, 2013

Furniture Explosion

We got our storage unit emptied today. For a while the cottage looked like this:

Yikes!  We had a pretty spacious house before and purchased furniture to fill it. Now in the middle of our downsizing journey, we are still trying to make our old furniture work even though we will be living in a pretty small house. We think most of it will fit in the house we've chosen to build (it is in between our old house and the cottage, size-wise) so we'd hate to sell it all and have to repurchase more later. On the other hand, it doesn't really match our style anymore. It is very dark and matchy-matchy, so perhaps selling it could set us free to live in a home that has been decorated to reflect our bright and cheerful life a little better. 

By the end of the night we had most of it arranged the way we want it and felt much better about it all. We were a little worried our furniture was going to eat up our cute little house for a bit there! 

Even though we are making it work, it really does give us a lot to think about. As I said after that auction I went to, too much stuff and clutter can be a burden on you and someday your loved ones. We had some small items to list for sale and after that, who knows?  Maybe we'll get a purging bug and keep going. 

Today wasn't all work, though. We took some time to sit and rest while we watched the Belmont race (Ayden was so stoked to see all of those horses running on the screen!) and also made time for a little bit of this on our new front porch:

Tomorrow is going to be a long one for me. We are going to move over our bedroom stuff so we can start sleeping there and I have all kinds of dance studio related stuff from 1:00 pm to probably 10:00 pm.  I think David has some fun stuff planned for him and Ayden while I am a busy bee!


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  1. Shew, you are a busy gal. I don't know how your doing it all :)

    1. Shew is right! The only way I'm getting anything done is with a super helpful hubby :).