Monday, June 10, 2013


Things always get crazy at recital time. My whole life, this week has been the busiest and most hectic week of the year for our family. When a small, family run business puts on a big, professional production, there's just no way around the craziness that ensues. I'm not even as involved as I used to be so I can only imagine how my mom and sister feel since they are in charge of it all.

Today was another busy day and I definitely felt stressed for most of it. When Ayden and I got home, David had dinner ready and greeted us with hugs and kisses and my stress just melted away.  My little family has become my place of respite. They bring me peace. I am so lucky to have a hubby who jumps in and makes sure things keep running smoothly for our little family while I am preoccupied with all the recital hubbub. 

We took some time after dinner to play outside (it was rainy all day!) and that made me feel even better 

As for moving status, I got most of the kitchen unpacked today. I was SOO happy to put my hands on all of our kitchen stuff a again!!  I guess I didn't realize how accustomed to my own things or how much I was missing them!  For a family who cooks almost every meal from scratch, the kitchen and everything in it is so important. It feels good to have that taken care of. 

Tomorrow will be slower as far as recital prep is concerned so I'm going to finish the kitchen then bring all the empty boxes home and start packing up our basement here. Slowly but surely, especially during this crazy week!!


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