Friday, June 21, 2013

17 Months

Today marks 17 months with this little one.

To celebrate I'd like to make a list of 17 things he is up to these days. 

1) He has lots of words but only uses them when necessary. All the rest of the time he jibber jabbers non stop. We love it!

2) He is starting to enjoy quiet, sit down activities and loves child-sized furniture. 

3) Playing "123" games. We say, "1, 2, 3, go!" and he runs as fast as he can.  We say, "1, 2, 3, jump!" and he tries his best to jump.  So fun and cute!

4) He tells the pets, "No, no, no!" when he sees them doing something for which we'd tell them no.

5) He loves "helping" us buckle any buckle possible. High chair, carseat, stroller, if it has a buckle he's gonna spend 5 minutes helping out. 

6) His favorite foods are chicken, guacamole, black olives, blueberries, grapes and bananas.  He's a bit of a fruit monster.

7) He no longer fights diaper or clothing changes or when we wipe his hands and face after meals.  One day he just turned it off and it's like he never did it in the first place.

8) His favorite toys are his farm animals (he likes to line them up like an army and make galloping noises while making them "run") and his yellow spiky ball.

9) He can catch a ball (when it is thrown slowly and he's given fair warning)!

10) He is really gentle when he pets Maverick and Polly and doesn't pull Polly's tail anymore.  We started removing her without paying attention to him when he'd pull her tail and that worked like a charm.

11) He loves shoes.  He likes putting on his own and will bring ours to us.  When we already have shoes on he tries to get us to take them off and put the ones he brought us on.

12)  He has mastered all of the knob puzzles and shape sorters that we have.

13) He has become very affectionate.  He'll hug us and pat our backs or randomly walk up and hug or kiss us while he is playing.  We love this soooo much!!!

14) One of his favorite times of day is when David gets home from work.  He likes how he can see out the door so easily at the cottage.  He squeals with delights as David walks up the sidewalk.

15) He still loves books.  Reading is the first thing we do every morning, the last thing we do at night before bed and also several times throughout the day, all his lead.  He'll sit by himself and look through his books and enjoys "reading" during long car rides (though he thinks his whole library is in the car and sometimes gets impatient when I keep handing him the same books over and over again).

16) He also loves music.  He likes to be the DJ for our family dance parties.  We've danced like fools to every keyboard demo on his keyboard.

17)  He is constantly inspecting things very closely to see how they work.  Any button, knob, screw, hinge, etc. gets explored.  He gets this from his daddy.

We seriously could go on and on about this kid.  We love him so much.  The past 17 months have taught us so much about parenthood, ourselves, each other and life in general.  We honestly cannot remember what life was like before this little man was in it and why on Earth would we want to??



  1. Such a sweet post, Sarah! Ayden is a real cutie :) Happy 17 Month, Ayden.

  2. That's awesome that he loves reading so much! I enjoy following your family's journey and I can see myself doing many of the same things to promote child development (it must be the school teacher in me). Happy 17th month, Ayden!