Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pool Time!

We spent the morning cooling off in my parents' pool!  The water was a a little chilly at about 74* but once I got in and got used to it it felt great!  Ayden on the other hand decided he'd rather just float around in his sting ray float.  He LOVED swimming in the warm water pool at the YMCA while we were members there but he has never been a fan of cold water.  When I was little I never cared about cold water.  I am wondering if he will get to that stage or if he'll always prefer comfort over cold water fun...

His iPlay swim hat keeps his head and neck and ears from burning!

We did not have any plans today for the first time in longer than I can even remember.  It was so nice!  Other than the couple of hours we spent at my parents house from about 10-12, we just stayed home.  I was able to get some great indoor and outdoor quality play time with Ayden and was also able to get all of the bags from recital unpacked along with tackling a few other house hold to do's while Ayden listened to his audio books.  I had *almost* forgotten how much I liked having productive stay home days.  

For dinner I made some meatloaf muffins that turned out really good with a side of some CSA zucchini pasta.

Broke out my spiralizer for the first time.  It worked great!

This is what was left of the zucchinis.
Ayden thought they looked like an ice cream cone and a cupcake.
After dinner we spent some time out at the building site for some extra time with David.

Ayden LOVES throwing dirt.

He also had fun pretending to be like Daddy.

Here is a clip of Ayden hard at work along with a little sneak peak from the inside of the house.  

We have intentionally made the house small and quaint.  In doing so, we will not have a mortgage.  Financial freedom at it's best!  Sometimes you have to live small so you'll be able to live large.  We have had some family and friends express some concern that we will regret building such a small house.  We don't think it will be an issue as there are families all over the world who live happily in small dwellings (a NYC apartment for instance) but if we eventually do wish for more space, David designed the house so that we could easily add on to the back.  There will be a small second story and we do have a full basement so we think it's going to be just right for us.  

Today's progress:
The first internal wall is framed!

Do you live in a smaller home?  How do you like it?  Any tips for maximizing space?


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  1. I never was a cold water fan...as a kid and definitely not as an adult! I can do warm water all day but cold water about kills me!

    I think your house is a great size. I prefer smaller houses, they are more comfortable and inviting in my opinion. My Mom and Dad built a new small house a few years ago and it's just the right size for them. I think sometimes we think we NEED way more than we really do!!!

    1. You are so right! I like that having a small space will kind of force us to be more minimalistic and get us outside!

  2. I've never wanted a large home, I don't understand why it's the norm here in the states. A small home is perfect. I've always liked the saying "small houses grow tight families."

  3. We live in a large-ish apartment, but most think it is small for a family of 5. We live simply and really do appreciate how having limited space imposes a need to keep things simple. I had never heard it before, but that phrase (above) is totally fitting. Though we do have our own spaces, most of the time we are all doing things with and/or around each other. I think you'll like it and having the option to add on is nice!

    1. I hadn't heard that saying before either but like it a lot! I think we'll be fine and we do feel good knowing that we *could* add on if we feel like we don't have enough space (or if our family grows a little more unexpectedly someday. Haha)

  4. Those pictures look really great, Sarah! I do hope you get that house finished soon. By the way, can I just say that Ayden looks so cute trying to be a builder himself. Haha! It’s really great to be able to spend time at the pool once in a while to bond with your son. Most especially that summer is on its way. It’s a really great way to beat the heat, right? :D

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools New Jersey

    1. Thank you! He is cute when he gets out his toolbox and gets to work. The pool is the PERFECT way to beat the heat. I'm going to be spending a lot of time there this Summer.

  5. I plan to live in a small house my whole life. Much easier to keep clean! Everything has a place in my house and it makes it so much easier to keep things tidy.