Monday, June 2, 2014

Back Fill!

Ayden and I were supposed to host playgroup today but he came down with a little fever yesterday so we had to postpone.  Two other mommies couldn't make it today either for various reasons so it turned out for the best that we moved it to Wednesday morning.  He woke up feeling better today so we ran some errands this morning and went to the dance studio this afternoon.  It's recital season (it's on June 14th) so things are getting pretty crazy around there.  There wasn't too much excitement in our day until we got to go see the house progress.  While David was at work and we were out and about, the excavator was at the building site working hard on backfilling!!

No more death trap!

We have two large piles of top soil and two bigger "mountains" (as Ayden calls them) of clay soil.  It only took one and a half of the clay hills to fill in the hole today but they'll be back to do a little more after they give it a chance to settle some.  They also smoothed out the gravel in our driveway a bit since the heavy cement trucks put some pretty big rutts in it and they broke up some spilled cement for us.  I am just so seriously glad that I can relax a little when I take Ayden out to the building site.  We can start spending even more time out there now which our whole family will enjoy.  Now the place will really start coming together because it is time to start framing!!

Flashback!  Here's what we were up to two years ago today: "Smooth Sailing"

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