Monday, June 30, 2014

Easy Going

Today was an easy going day.  We had a lot of fun swimming with our friends this morning.  I will definitely need to host there again next time!  Play group always goes right up to lunch time so we came home to eat and I did some digital photo organization while Ayden was sleeping.  I wasn't tired enough to sleep but wanted some sort of task where I could put my feet up for a bit.  When Ayden woke up from his nap we went and picked up hive supplies for the swarm we caught on Saturday.  When we got home I put some leftover chicken soup to warm on the stove and then we went outside to play until David got home.  After dinner we went out to the farm to play while David and his dad put the treads on the stairs at the house.  That was when our boy was able to have some real fun!  

So happy to be playing in the dirt!

Also so happy to help Daddy with power tools.

Ayden was asleep by 8:15 and I get to have another relaxing evening.  Until David gets home that is and then we have to have a hive assembling marathon!  We always watch something on Netflix and chat while we work on hives together so it's actually pretty nice.  

Today was one of those days where we did a lot but at a nice slow pace with breaks in between.  We were gone enough not to trash the house but home enough to enjoy the air conditioner and take care of a few to do list items.  I know I'm going to be missing these slow, predictable days in a couple of months so I am really trying to appreciate them while I can have them!  


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  1. Excellent! You owe it to yourselves to cozy up to your shelters with the AC on one side and the latest shows on the other. Those alone should build up to a great happening, right? Most especially that summer is here. Those are the things that will help you beat the heat while relaxing. Kudos!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp