Tuesday, June 10, 2014

3 Hour Nap

Today pretty much only consisted of errands:

LIbrary time!
Tiny chair at Hobby Lobby
And a monster nap! Ayden fell asleep on the way home from our errands for about 20 minutes, transitioned to his crib and continued to sleep for an hour and a half and then went back to sleep on me for another hour. I couldn't believe it!  I know a few moms who's kids take 3 hour naps and I always said I had no idea what I would do with all of that time everyday. Granted one of Ayden's nap hours today was on me so I dozed on and off too but the time I had before was pretty amazing. I found plenty to do!  With the way he is eating and sleeping these days (he also slept in an extra hour again today) I would not be surprised if he grows a foot!  I am trying not to get used to it because it's most likely temporary but I really could if he wanted to keep it up...

I have been getting up about a half hour or so before my boys and it is really amazing how differently my days go when I do that. I wrote a post about a year ago about owning the day and taking charge of it before it takes charge of you. It's not always easy to do, and during this season of my life with young children, sometimes sleep is more important than having complete control of the days; but if I can swing it, it's a great way to start the day off right. I've started waking to use the bathroom at pretty consistent intervals at night and if the timing is right I just stay up after the last one.  Waking on my own rather than being woken by Ayden or an alarm also makes a big difference in how I feel and I can feel that difference throughout the whole day.  

Recital hubub starts tomorrow and things are going to pick up and get a little crazy for a few days.  I love it and dread it all at the same time. 

Does your child take a 2 or 3 hour nap everyday?  Do you wake up before your family?


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  1. My son was a terrible sleeper until we put him in his own bed in his own room at 15 months since then he sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night and takes a 2 hour nap everyday. I never dreamed he would ever sleep that good, but turns out co-sleeping was making him not sleep good.

  2. I so agree. Co-sleeping in same bed or with crib next to parents bed can create bad sleep. My doc agrees. Our daughter hopefully will improve in sleep once she is in her own room.

  3. Cosleeping was bad for us too! My toddler napped 1 1/2 hours today which is about the longest he has ever napped. Usually he naps 45 min.

  4. It's definitely hard to do, but I try to be up and ready before the household everyday. I kept that up right after my last two babies because I feel very unmotivated when I'm not showered and dressed. I definitely felt the difference (for the worse) when I did not get myself up.

  5. My son and I get up together every day. He's not the best sleeper at night but he does usually nap 2-3 hours. Sometimes he wakes up once during the nap but will go back down. I cherish those hours because I'm up a lot at night!