Friday, June 6, 2014

Strawberry Fields

Ayden and I visited a little slice of Strawberry Heaven today!

On our way out to the fields I gave him a talk about how strawberry picking would be just like the grocery store.  We can't eat them until after we buy them.  He actually did really well with that until we found one that was kind of shaped like a dinosaur and then he could resist no longer.  

After that first bite, the flood gates were opened and there was no stopping the strawberry monster from eating as many as he could. 

Our way back in was like a walk of shame.  His face and hands were stained with red and there was strawberry juice all down his shirt.  Even if we wanted to, there was absolutely no way we could deny that he had tasted a few while we were out there.  Luckily they said it happens all the time and let it slide.  We also stopped by the petting zoo and saw ducks, a pony, donkeys, sheep, goats and llamas. 

I have plans of a tasty homemade strawberry pie in my future!  This is the kind of situation where we say, "You can eat anything if you make it from scratch."  

Ayden thinks they are just perfect the way they are!

Side note:  This stain treatment is my all time favorite.  Puts berry juice stains (and many others) to shame!

Do you like to go strawberry picking?  What is your favorite strawberry pie recipe?

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  1. Mix apples, strawberry and blueberry into a crisp and bake. Yum!!

  2. I don't blame him, I couldn't have resisted either!

  3. I always hesitate eating berries before washing first. They spray them with so many pesticides that can harm health.

    1. I know. This particular orchard doesn't use as many as most though which makes it a little better.

  4. Is that field organic? I would love to find an organic strawberry patch in our area. We have SO many strawberry patches in my area but none of them are organic!

    1. They are not certified organic but claim not to use many if any sprays. No way to really know but I figured one visit wouldn't hurt either way.