Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Who's Kid Is This?

We had a change of plans this morning.  Today was going to look a lot like yesterday but my mom called and said she was feeling better than she has since before she got sick and really wanted to get out and about for some fun.  I was not about to turn that down so Ayden kept himself occupied while I got ready and we were out the door by 9:30.

Pit stop to add the super to our swarm hive (far left)
The bees are SOOO busy right now!  

My sister and her kids joined us too and we ended up having a long day of a visit to the pet store, lunch and HOURS at the mall.  My mom bought each my sister and I something even though we tried to tell her not to.  She said it was the least she could do after everything we did to help them out while she was sick.  Isn't that what kids are for?!?  I chose 2 Bath and Body Works candles (they were buy one get one free!) since clothing did not seem to make much sense with my ever expanding physique...  She also got each of the three grandchildren a few things and we helped her pick out some clothes for her high school reunion that is coming up next weekend.  Ayden was a trooper but did not get to sleep for his nap until close to 4:00.  There was just too much going on and he didn't want to miss any action as far as his cousins were concerned.  I finally separated from the pack to take him on a potty break and he was asleep within 5 minutes.  Should have done that sooner!  I finally left the mall at around 6:00.  We stopped at Whole Foods for dinner and a few grocery items, then made a trip to Lowes for some deer repellent for our fruit trees and so I could eyeball the Jacuzzi tubs since we'll need to buy ours soon (I had one at our old house and LOVED it so it is considered a must have for our forever house).  We got out to the building site to see David at close to 8:00 and got home close to 9:00.  Ayden is really loving playing at the new house and likes to be David's little helper.  

Usually bedtime is one of my least favorite parts of the day, especially when I do it alone.  Ayden resists every step of the process because he wants to stay awake so badly.  It takes so much energy to try and make all the steps in his routine into a game/fun thing to do and half the time it doesn't even seem to help.  Tonight though, for some reason, he was a totally different kid.  He was listening well and cooperated with everything.  He has gotten into the habit of kicking me when I try to put on his night time diaper and scrambling away from us to the head of the bed when we try to put his PJs on but tonight he just laid there and talked to me while I got him ready.  When everything was said and done and it was time to read his 2 books (the only part of the routine that our bookworm does not resist) I gave him a hug and thanked him.  I was specific about the things I was grateful that he cooperated with and told him I was so happy.  He hugged me back and said, "You're so proud?" and I told him that yes, I was so very proud and that I would love it if he'd do bedtime like that again.  He said he would but I'm not betting on it.  I am just going to enjoy that he gave me a break from the norm tonight and I'll hold on to the fact that perhaps it was a glimpse of things to come as he matures out of the tenacious 2s. 

Does your toddler give you glimpses of what it will be like when they've grown out of their tenacious period?  Does it give you hope or make it more frustrating when things get back to normal?  I can see how it could go both ways since the glimpse shows you that they can make it easier on you but that they typically don't.


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  1. Aww, what a sweet mother you have!! And how lucky are you to have her close by. There is nothing like a mother's love, even after you grow up. :-)

    1. We really enjoy having both sets of parents nearby!