Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day At the Hospital

Ayden and I spent our day at the hospital today...

We were there for 7 hours to be exact.  My mom was admitted yesterday and we got word at 6:00 this morning that she was going in for a procedure.  Everything went okay and she is on the road to recovery but it made for a long day that was both physically and emotionally draining.  Ayden really was a champ. He had to come along because David is going to be taking off so much work for the house and Logan's arrival that he just cannot afford to take days off if I am able to care for Ayden.  I took my trusty backpack of toys and snacks and even threw in my lap top with a couple of movie choices, knowing that it would be a long day and that I would need to be able to listen to my mom's doctors when they would come in to discuss her care.  We really are blessed with a go-with-the flow boy and I appreciated him so much today.  

When we left the hospital, we were headed to Lowes to pick up some "4 inch perforated, corrugated piping with the sock installed" (as David requested in the text I had him send me because there was no way I'd remember what to ask for...)  Ayden fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot so I hung out in my car and made some phone calls and relaxed until he woke up.  

Sleepy head!
He ended up sleeping for an hour and a half!  David called ahead and the person he spoke with said they would pull what I needed down for me so all I'd have to do was walk in and buy it.  Come to find out, the person he spoke with was gone for the day by the time I got there and they did not pass on any message.  After quite the ordeal, I was left to stuff this into my car all by my lonesome. 

Two guys brought it out and left me all alone with it... I guess their shift was over.

I did end up getting them to lower the price for me after all the hoops I had to jump through with my tired self and my hangry (yes, he was so hungry that he was angry = hangry) toddler just to get the stuff.  Poor David then worked until after dark spreading gravel and installing the piping because they are prepping the site tomorrow so they an pour our basement floor on Thursday.

This was one of the most tiring days I have had in while but I am going to bed with a healthy perspective.  My mom is okay and on the mend, Ayden was such a gem all day (until he was over tired or hungry but who is under those circumstances??), my hubby got everything done that he needed to on the house for today and came back home safe to me.  Logan is wiggling around in my belly as I type this.  Life all around us can be crazy and take unexpected turns but at its core it can still be good.

My mom will be in the hospital for the rest of the week so things are going to remain a little all over the place in the meantime.  Tomorrow I'm going to go see her in the morning, then we'll come home for lunch and Ayden's nap, then I have to go make sure my bee queens were released and have started laying, and then I have to go teach dance.  Never a dull moment these days!


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