Saturday, April 19, 2014

2 Year Old's Easter Basket

Happy Easter Eve!

"I got some dandelions for you, Mommy!"

We went to the aquarium today and Ayden LOVED it!

He was so excited and enthusiastic about every single room that we entered.  Maybe we'll have a marine biologist on our hands someday!

He got to touch a starfish (he wasn't a fan of how that felt!) and a turtle!  He tried to touch the sharks in the touch tank above but they were too deep for his little arms to reach.  It was another long but fun day!

The Easter Bunny has already stopped by our house and I thought I'd give a sneak peak into Ayden's basket.

At our house there is a little less focus on candy and more focus on outdoor fun!

- frog sun hat
-2 Easter books
- sports and sea life stickers
- bubbles 
- sunglasses
- 3 eggs (one with a dark chocolate square, one with some pennies for his piggy bank and one with a couple of Annie's gummy bunnies)

The eggs for his egg hunt are filled with the same things as the eggs in his basket.  I think he is going to LOVE it!  Can't wait to see his face in the morning.

What is in your toddler's Easter basket this year?


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  1. I finally got Easter Baskets put together tonight. We don't do candy either. I would much rather spend money on practical items! Happy Easter to you all!

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