Monday, April 14, 2014

Sleepy Head

This is what bed head after a two hour nap looks like:

Ayden woke up after an hour, on the dot as usual, so I got him up.  He was cuddly and still a little sleepy so I sat in the glider to rock and cuddle him for a bit.  He fell right back to sleep which I LOVED.  So I held him for about another half hour then I transferred him into our bed. He slept there for another half hour and Maverick was even the one to wake him up then (darn dog, isn't that always the way??).  

Such a sleepy boy!

I had a little work to do on the beehives to prepare them for this little cold snap we are about to have (we may even get a tiny bit of snow...) so I went right after David got home.  Then we had dinner and David took a turn going out to the building site to start preparations for the basement floor to be poured.  

As we have been playing outside over the passed few days, I have noticed that our chickens are staying closer to home and today I realized why.  Our neighbors are moving (which is a bummer because they have been really great neighbors...).  They have a horse named Chief that they have been keeping in the field next to our house.  The chickens kind of see fresh horse manure as a delicacy so they ventured far into that pasture, following him around and waiting for fresh tid-bits of  one of their favorite treats. Now that he is gone, they aren't going as far as they used to.

I am loving the dandelions and purple flowers that are growing in our yard!
Yes, I am a crazy lady who loves flowering weeds...
Though we are sad to see Chief go, because Ayden LOVED feeding him apples and carrots and we believe that his presence offered a small amount of protection for our girls, we are glad they are staying a little closer to home now.  

Today was so much better than yesterday for me.  I think it was because it rained for the first half, and though it never got sunny it was dry and warm for the second half.  We had a good mix of inside time and outside time which felt nice.  After Ayden went to bed I finally finished switching out his clothes and now all of the bins we had gotten down are ready to be put back into storage until the next season change.  It feels SOOO good to get that crossed off my list.  It's one of those easy yet daunting tasks that I put off until I can't take it anymore.  When I finished and stacked all of the bins back up for David to put back in our shed I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders.  

What household tasks do you keep putting off??


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  1. I have a list a mile long that I've been putting off but on the top of that list is painting. I want it done, I just don't want to do it.