Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the Doghouse

Don't let his sweet face fool you...

This pooch is on my $h!t list. Literally. He has pooped and peed in the house at least once a day (and sometimes a second time during the night) since that day he went on Ayden's rug. The bathroom is also a choice location for him so we have been putting a baby gate on the stairs and shutting the bathroom doors at night and when we leave which has limited him to the kitchen. We just have so much going on already that it annoys me to no end that I am spending my precious time cleaning up dog messes and worrying about blocking off spaces and picking up rugs. Ugh. He used to be a crated dog and we'd hate to crate him again after him doing so well without one for so long.  We like the added security of having him out in the house, we like the space that was freed up once we took the crate to the shed and we like giving him more freedom in general.  Not sure what has gotten into him but he better  remember his good habits and start contributing more to the enjoyment of our relationship soon or else!  

Ayden and I went to visit my mom today but she was asleep the whole time we were there. That was a great thing since come to find out she slept for 5 hours straight and that was the most sleep she had gotten since Friday.  We ended up leaving at around 12:15 so I could get Ayden home for a nap in his own bed.  Yesterday was such a long day for him and I didn't want to do that to him (or me) again today.  

Today he was singing to himself while he was playing and I was doing my own thing.  I heard him singing but didn't notice what he was singing.  Then he stopped and said, "Did you hear me, Mommy? Did you hear me singing Frozen?" and he started up again with, "Let It Go."  It could have been in the top 5 most adorable things he has ever done...  He has started doing the whole, "Watch me!" and "Look at me!" thing that kids always do.  He has also started saying, "Grandma" instead of "Mamaw." Well maybe it's more like "Gamaw" but it's progress none the less.  That /g/ sound is a new development.  

I was supposed to check on my bees yesterday and today but it was too cold too so it'll have to be tomorrow.  I hope they are doing alright!  My oldest sister has decided to come in to see my mom and she is bringing all three of her boys.  David's brother and his family are coming in for Easter too so we are going to be BUSY bees until Tuesday.  Also, they pour our basement floor tomorrow!  David is taking off from any house work until his brother heads back home so we are going to soak up all of the time we can together until then.

This post was kind of all over the place but I am thinking our lives are a little like that right now so I suppose it makes sense.  The good thing is that even though things are picking up and getting a little crazy, I still feel really good about it all.  That will be my goal during this whole adventure.  I'm sure there will be days where I'm overwhelmed or stressed but I am hoping that I can keep my spirits up overall until we are settled into our new lives in our new home with our new baby.  

Have your pets ever made it onto your $h!t list?  What did they do and how did you handle it?


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  1. Yes. Our chorkie teacup peed and poop all over house when she didn't get our attention or after kids came. They do it to punish their owners when they are upset about something.

    1. Well we definitely have things higher than him on our totem pole right now but he still gets more time with us than he ever did when we both worked full time... He didn't do it last night, though, so that's a success! Maybe he's been reading my blog... Haha.

  2. um no,
    If your dog is older it is possible that they can physically not control their functions! If it is not an older dog it is a cry for attention, you should get her checked out by a vet. Dogs are like kids and if you can't give it the attention if needs and deserves you shouldn't have one.

    1. We've had our dog for a long time and know what signs of stress are for him. He has had house training issues his whole life and we have seen this before. No cause for alarm. I also strongly disagree that a family needs to surrender their pets if the are going through a temporarily stressful and/or busy time. We have been his pack since he was 6 weeks old and being separated from us would definitely add stress rather than relieve it. He is part of the family, he'll will weather this storm with the rest of us and he'll be just fine in the end. You are right, they are a lot like kids which makes them very resilient.

  3. We have had similar issues over the years. You are right, stress plays a role. We recently had more "accidents" with moving. Though you know there is nothing accidental about it when he goes to another floor of the house to do it and avoids the spot like the plague when we are heading that direction. Crating when we leave definitely improved the potty situation and decreased his stress. I am sure you will get through this but I totally empathize. You are not alone. ;-)

  4. To the anonymous person who left that insensitive comment. First off, Sarah is a HUGE animal lover. If you have read her past posts, you would know that she has taken her dog and cat, Polly to the vet numerous time anytime they have illnesses. She has groomed maverick in summer, she gives her dog pureed pumpkin so he can have good digestive health. She goes above and beyond for her animals. Sounds like you don't know much about Sarah. Why do you even read her blog if you can't leave kind comments??