Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well Hello, 30.

Today was perfect from start to finish. 

Starting with the french toast that David made for me
(out of our favorite delicious cashew bread)

And ending with a surprise birthday party!!

There was also a lot of goodness in the middle too!  I really enjoyed volunteering at the library this morning. It felt good to spend a couple of hours back in my old element and I made a couple of great contacts.  Afterward, we met up with some of our favorite friends at a park then walked to lunch.  David and I watched a movie during Ayden's nap and even dozed off for a bit.  It was a beautiful day full of all things enjoyable.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been for my mom to be well enough for my parents to come to my party.  We did stop to see them on our way there, though, and they called and sang happy birthday to me this morning.  My mom has always said that our birthdays are days for us and her.  I never really knew what she meant by that until I had Ayden.  Now I understand completely. My 20's were great; filled with college, marriage, becoming a teacher, becoming a mother, and so much more.  I'm not sad to leave them behind, though because I have a feeling that my 30's are going to treat me well.  And as they say, 30 is the new 20...


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  1. Yes, 30 IS the new 20!!!
    Happy Birthday Girl, glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Your 30's are definitely not as terrible as I thought they would be!...Especially with little ones and an awesome husband :)
    P.S. Is there a way to get ahold of you (email, Facebook, etc) to ask some beginning cloth diaper questions?