Sunday, April 27, 2014

Steady Progress

David and his dad worked on the house all day today!  My mom was having some visitors this afternoon so I went to her house to help her wash her hair and put on some clean clothes.  She is getting better every day but she is still very weak so we are all helping her as much as we can.  While I was there my dad took the opportunity to go into town for some groceries and a couple of prescriptions.  He also ended up running an errand for David.  My original plan was to help her get ready for her visitors then to go home for Ayden's nap but since my dad needed me to stay with her I was just going to put him down for a late nap when he got back.  There was no need for that though.  When he got sleepy around 1:30 he climbed into my lap and after a few minutes he fell right to sleep.  Of course I enjoyed every moment!

By the end of the day David and his dad finished the sill plates got a bunch of concrete bolts installed, got the brackets for the basements posts in place and the posts themselves measured and cut.

Steady progress for sure!  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so we'll have David home with us all evening.  As always, Mother Nature is in charge of how much work can get done and when.  We are eager to get as much done as quickly as possible on the house but we are definitely looking at rainy days as a good way to get in some quality family time during all of the craziness.  

I am hosting play group in the morning and need to get Maverick to the vet for his vaccines and a checkup.  Those are the only big things on our agenda for tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a happy Monday!


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1 comment:

  1. Your definitely making steady progress on the house! Enjoy having your family time tomorrow and playgroup! I wish we had people around here to have playgroup with!