Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sleepy Day

I was SOOO tired today. I think our NY trip and all of the late nights took its toll on me. We went to the farmer's market this morning and ran a couple of errands. Then Ayden and I took a nap while David went and did some work at our building site. 

This morning was pretty cold for April but at least it looks like Spring. 

Not complaining but there are random patches of daffodils in the pasture behind the cottage...
It finally got up in the 50s by the afternoon so we grilled out for dinner and Ayden was able to get in some outdoor play before bed. UK is playing in the final four tonight and we don't have any of the channels that are showing it so David went to his parents to watch. I used the time to get caught up on a few things I wasn't able to do while I was away and now I'm headed to bed. Ayden has had a rough couple of nights since he hasn't been feeling well and I am really hoping tonight is better. I could really use some good rest!


Who do you think will win the NCAA tournament this year?  Any other Cats fans out there??

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